Friday, April 8, 2011

PC CoD4 vs Console CoD4

I know I said I would be writing about Minecraft, but I figured I can write about other stuff sometimes too. After all, not everyone likes Minecraft. Hopefully you guys enjoy this post about good old Modern Warfare.

        Oooh. New font :P So anyway... I play CoD 4 on PC. I used to play it on the XBox 360 back when it was new. I eventually got bored, I had around 27 days played, I was 10th prestiege(but so was pretty much everybody else), and I had most of the challenges done. Then a couple years later I got into PC gaming, got Steam, and the first game I bought was CoD 4. It was fun all over again, but this time it was more fun because of all the mods that are available. I mean you wouldn't believe the kinds of servers that are out there. Sometimes I honestly can't believe I'm even playinga Call of Duty. There are paintball mods, zombie mods, you name it. On PC you have a lot more control over the games you own. You feel more like you actually own the game. You can go in to the game files and edit things, like what level you are. But there is a much easier way to do it; just download the exe, run it(it works instantly, there is no need to do or install anything), and BAM! You're level 55 with all the gold guns, and all challenges complete! Incase you guys didn't know, there is no prestiege in the PC edition of Call of Duty 4. I'm not sure why.

              On XBox, people pay anywhere from $50-$150 for a modded controller just so they can shoot rapid fire with their semi-automatic weapons. On PC you just download a little file, run it, and you have rapid fire. And it's free!

          The main difference I noticed when I switched over, is that there is pretty much no way to tell two people apart on CoD4. You can make your name whatever the hell you want it to be, including characters like #%!@(*). Even if it's already taken. So it's impossible to party up with anybody, because you can't invite them - there's no friends list! But I mean you get to choose which server you join( as is the case with pretty much every online PC game), so it's not a big deal. But I wonder how GameBattles would work. You couldn't tell if the other players even belonged to the team you were supposed to be playing. Maybe they don't even have GB for CoD4 on PC? I don't know. I just play casually.

        Here's what I did to take advantage of being able to edit the game files:

Another new font, let me know which one you guys like the best.
I edited the m40 image file and pretty much just put random abstract colors everywhere, and this was the result. I think it looks pretty awesome, I did the G3 too. With the G3 I did a black and green effect, kind of like camo. I might do a tutorial on editing your gun files Would you guys be interested in that?


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Minecraft Survival Challenge

Hey everyone! I want to share a story about Minecraft(one of my favorite games) with you guys, here goes.

            So I was reading some Minecraft forums one day, and I see a thread about a survival map, so I downloaded it and I decided to play it. There were a few rules you had to follow but they are only there to make it more fun and challenging. You cannot leave the island. You cannot edit your inventory. You must play on at least the 'Normal' difficulty. Those were the only rules. So, I downloaded the map and I started playing. The first thing I thought was 'uh oh!'. Only ONE tree! ONE! So I go cut it down, make a workbench.. the usual. I knew I would have to be resourceful with the saplings because there were no more natural trees on the island. I had a small shelter; it wasn't much, just an enclosed area about 6x6 blocks. Inside was a littile tunnel which lead to a mine I had been working in. With no torches :P.
Anyway, I planted a tree outside of my shelter, and went mining. I thought it would have been fully grown after about a day; I was wrong. Two days passed. Then three, four, five. I went to the minecraft wiki and saw that the trees need a certain amount of room to grow. I went to check if they had enough room; and they did. I was confused. The wiki also said that you can grow them with the light from a torch, so instead of growing them outside, I went down in to my mine and built a large room to grow the tree. I put plenty of torches around, and waited. Nothing. Eventually I just killed some skeletons with an iron sword that I crafted and used bonemeal to grow the trees. I'm still confused as to why they wouldn't grow.

              I really recommend that those of you who own minecraft search for "minecraft survival island" on google, and download the map. Here is a screenshot I took of my island if you want to try to find the same one I have(beware! It's full of dungeons!). To get the screenshot, I went out in to the water and built my way up on cobblestone. So yes, I left the island; sorry! :P

Until next time guys, peace!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


WOW! I am really surprised by the amount of attention my blog recieved these past couple of days. I really didn't expect this, and I want to thank everyone who read. I have decided that I will be making regular posts about Minecraft, because it is something that interests me. If you don't know what minecraft is or have never played it, please don't be skeptical. I would appreciate it if you would just read a little bit about it on my blog, and maybe even give the free version a try at I think if you give the game a chance you will really like it. Anyway I look forward to posting some adventures I have in minecraft.. so hopefuly you all will enjoy my stories.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hey, Everyone!

Hey everyone it's Jason... I started this blog to share some stories from my everyday life.. if you are interested then just stay tuned for some cool posts. I'll be posting random shit so yeah.. peace.